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Monday, March 28, 2011

My Energizer Bunny

The Energizer Bunny   

The Energizer bEnny

I honestly believe that my son has more energy than they could possibly put in a battery;)
but when he crashes,boy does he go out!
The above pic is a tuckered out Easter bunny...
the latter pic is my tuckered out Easter BEnny.
He just kept going and going until he crashed.  This is a picture taken by me as I lay on the floor to get a pic of him asleep BEHIND our recliner!
Now, he has fallen asleep many places before(in the middle of a basketball game-buzzers and all,across some wooden chairs at our friends house-with a football play-off game on the tv and many irate Eagles fans;) etc...),so this does not surprise me!
But I still find humor in this and wanted to share with you.

So,on to my card, to go one step further with my carrot- eating- bunny of 2 weeks ago(sorry meant to add a project before now!), I came up with a sleeping bunny just wishing he was eating carrots!
He is made basically the same as previous post.  Changes: his back 'thumpers' are made from 1/2 of a butterfly punch, his carrots are eaten by the small scallop flower from the itty bitty shapes punch set, and lastly he has a little pompom for a tail(compliments of my friend Carol;))
I LoVe both my sleepy-heads!!!

Hope you enjoy!

Until Next Thought,


  1. LOVE this bunny card! Another amazing punch art piece. "Classic" Energizer bEnny pose...Both bunny & boy are just so darn Cute!!

  2. Awwww, that is super cute! Thanks for playing SUO Challenges.


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